L'édition 14 en images | The 14th edition in pictures
Crédit Photo: Steve Montpetit
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Merci à vous tous: visiteurs, amis et designers, pour cette magnifique 14ème édition du souk @ sat. Une édition remplie de découvertes et de nouvelles rencontres.

À chaque année, on accueille de nouveaux designers ou re-collabore avec ceux des années précédentes. Sans leur participation et leur dévouement, notre mission de les mettre en valeur serait pas aussi excitante et stimulante. Grâce à votre fidélité, plus de 13 000 visiteurs sont venus partager leur amour et leur enthousiasme afin de faire rayonner Montréal et sa créativité locale.

Au plaisir de vous retrouver aux prochaines éditions!

Thank you all, visitors, friends and designers for the wonderful souk @ sat 14th edition. An edition filled with lots of discoveries and new encounters.

Every year we get to meet new designers or collaborate again with participants from previous years. Without their dedication & participation, our mission to highlight them wouldn’t be as exciting and challenging. Thanks to your loyalty, over 13 000 visitors came to share their love and enthusiasm in order to promote Montreal and it’s local creatives.

We look forward to seeing you in future editions!

Crédit Photo: Steve Montpetit​

“If you have a sense of identity built around what you like, then you can be first.”

Founder of Breather, Julien Smith makes us discover his Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/JULIEN-SMITH

“It’s important to support local design because it ensures its sustainability.”

Founder of Un peu plus loin, Tamy Emma Pepin makes us discover her Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/TAMY-EMMA-PEPIN

“Supporting local design means protecting these workers and valuing their work.”

Founder of Atelier Zébulon Perron, Zébulon Perron makes us discover his Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/ZEBULON-PERRON

“Supporting local design is securing continuity in our scene.”

Co-founder of Off The Hook, Harry Drakopoulos makes us discover his Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/HARRY-DRAKOPOULOS

“The local design defines the culture and identity of a city, a country and a people.”

Leda St-Jacques makes us discover their Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/LEDA-ST-JACQUES

“If you want to build anything for your city then you’ve got to take from the local talent in anything.”

Nate Husser from @hollyhoodhuss makes us discover his Montreal.

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/NATE-HUSSER

“I think it’s a good mix of elegance and humility. It’s a place where you can breathe and grow.”

Visual artist and filmmaker, Caroline Monnet makes us discover her Montreal.

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/CAROLINE-MONNET

“Montréal’s sense of design is pretty eclectic because it’s defined by the people who are here.”

Frank and Oak’s co-founder, Ethan Song makes us discover his Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/ETHAN-SONG

souk @ sat - Take 14 | November 29th to December 3th 2017 | Visit http://souk.sat.qc.ca/en/ for more details. Design: Studio Caserne

souk @ sat - Prise 14 | 29 novembre au 3 décembre 2017 | Pour plus de détails, visitez le http://souk.sat.qc.ca/ Design: Studio Caserne

“There’s a special feeling when you buy something that someone made by hand.”

Montréal electro-pop band Milk & Bone makes us discover their Montreal. 

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/MILK-AND-BONE

“If you really love your city, you want to give your money to people who are trying things locally. The people who stay in Montréal choose to stay and have the fortitude to create interesting things.”

Founder of Olive & Gourmando and Foxy, Dyan Solomon makes us discover her Montreal.

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/2zIIiuP

“Post-industrial and punk, but undefined at the same time.”

Founder of Lambert & Fils studio, Samuel Lambert makes us discover his Montreal.

Read the full article here > http://bit.ly/SAMUEL-LAMBERT


En partenariat avec Tourisme MTL pour faire rayonner et encourager la créativité locale au moyen du mot-clic #SOUKMTL. 11 personnalités montréalaises soigneusement choisies partageront leurs coups de cœur avec une déclaration d'amour pour Montréal, ville UNESCO de design.
In partnership with Tourisme MTL to promote local creativity and showcasing Montréal’s most talented designers using the hashtag #SOUKMTL. 11 carefully chosen local personalities will reveal their top picks in the city and declare their love for Montréal⎯a UNESCO city of design.
> Équipe de création | Creative Team
Réalisation | Directed : Jesse Riviere
Directrice de la création | Creative Director : Azamit Azamit
Produit par | Produced by : Threefold Agency
Production vidéo | Video Production | : 5 Pound Media
Musique | Music : Max Richter
Entrevues | Interviews : Laure Juil et Isa Tousignant
Maquillage et grooming | Make-up & Grooming : Joffrey Dumas
> Merci | Thank You
Camille Poliquin & Laurence Lafond-Beaulne (Milk & Bone)
Caroline Monnet (Caroline Monnet)
Dyan Solomon (Olive et Gourmando / Foxy)
Ethan Song (Frank And Oak)
Harry Drakopoulos (Off The Hook)
Julien Smith (Breather)
Leda Montereali & Pierre St-Jacques (Leda St-Jacques)
Nate Husser (Husser)
Tamy Emma Pepin (Un peu plus loin)
Samuel Lambert (Lambert & Fils studio)
Zébulon Perron (Atelier Zébulon Perron)

The souk @ sat is happy to announce the official selection of it’s 14th edition | #soukatsat - Take 14 | Nov. 29th to Dec. 3th 2017 #soukatsat14

Le souk @ sat est heureux de dévoiler la sélection officielle de sa 14e édition | #soukatsat - Prise 14 | 29 nov. au 3 déc. 2017 #soukatsat14

48 heures avant la date limite
Mercredi 4 octobre 2017 à midi

48 hours before deadline
Wednesday October 4th 2017 at noon



Une semaine remplie de belles rencontres et surtout pleine d’émotions !
Merci à vous tous, visiteurs, amis et designers/artistes, pour cette magnifique 13ème édition du souk @ sat
Le souk gagne en popularité d’année en année grâce à votre fidélité et votre amour de la créativité locale.
Merci de faire rayonner Montréal et de partager votre enthousiasme avec les artistes du souk @ sat.

Au plaisir de vous retrouver aux prochaines éditions.



A week filled with encounters, emotions and lovely surprises.
Thank you all, visitors, friends, and designers/artists for this wonderful souk @ sat 13th edition.
Year after year the souk has been enriched with your loyalty and your love for local creativity.
Thank you for promoting Montreal and sharing your enthusiasm with the souk @ sat artists.

We look forward to seeing you in the next editions.


Prise - Take 13 | souk @ sat | 30 nov. - 04 dec. 2016 © Steve Montpetit


For the 2016 edition DJ Stephane Cocke kept the same vibe as last year, crafted to fit Azamit’s vision of the souk @ sat mixing tradition with modernity.

Hear his favourite tracks of the moment old or new. Again with a strong african presence from Angola, Benin, Mali, Senegal, and Ethiopia with the opening track by Multatu Astatke. A tribute to Leonard Cohen with 2 reworks of both the Partisan and the more recent Travelling Light. A fresh Nina Simone rework by Lifeboogie. A wonderful new version of Why Can’t we live Together by Soul Sugar available on Bandcamp and many others discoveries he hopes you’ll enjoy as much as we did!

Feel free to share : http://stephanecocke.com/LIVE-SOUK-SAT-13