Tuesday, November 27 – 8 AM to 4 PM

Opening reception

By invitation only – Reserved for the media and VIP
Tuesday, November 27 – 5 PM to 9 PM

Public opening

Wednesday, November 28
Thursday, November 29
Friday, November 30
Noon to 9 PM

Saturday, December 1
Sunday, December 2
Noon to 7 PM


Sunday, December 2
Only after 7 PM


Society for arts and technology | SAT
1201 Blvd. Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Admission 18 years and +

souk @ sat


Gather Montreal designers from diverse horizons in one space.

Offer designers a space to promote and sell their creations during an event that is free and accessible to all.

Offer a selection of new Montreal creations to a clientele that is curious and always on the lookout for new discoveries.

Provide contemporary Montreal creations for all budgets.


Recreate an environment inside the SAT that evokes a loft-style apartment.


  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom – adult
  • Bedroom – children
  • Walk-in closet
  • Studio/workshop
  • Office
  • Lounge
  • Boudoir
  • Bathroom

Food Lab

The café/bar on the ground floor and the kitchen on the 2nd floor will be open every day.

Items on sales display

Anything one can find in an apartment, terrace, garden.

Books, calendars, clothing, decorative or utilitarian objects, fashion accessories, furniture, lightings, photos, tableware, seasonings and spices, sculptures, stationery, games, etc.

Venue set-up and services provided to exhibitors

  • Display stands for your items (souk @ sat must approve how your creations are displayed).
  • Technical support for the venue set-up
  • Onsite storage space
  • Support technicians
  • Media relations and promotion
  • Cashiers – Accounting services – Background music
  • Photographer – Archives
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Security
  • Cleaning services
  • Bar and restaurant services
  • Bags and packaging materials can be purchased at the cash stand

Designers’ responsibilities

souk @ sat cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages that might occur during the event.

Each designer must ensure that a person is put in charge of the display and the sale of their items.

souk @ sat is not responsible for the transportation of designer’ goods before and after the event.

Profile of designers and their creations


Designers must be from the greater Montreal and it’s surrounding areas.

Sales items

Proposed creations must have at least one of the following characteristics: useful, decorative and/or artistic. They also must be items that have their place in an apartment.

souk @ sat welcomes items created in collaborations with other designers or work created by a collective.

The displayed creations must be original works, the exclusive intellectual property rights of which must be held by the designer(s); souk @ sat cannot be held responsible for copies or reproductions of exhibited creations that are put on sale

Designers’ exhibition space

The souk @ sat organizers will solely determine the location and size of the space occupied by each designer.

The space assigned to a designer is put at their sole and exclusive disposal.

Designers cannot invite others to share their space, nor may they offer creations made by a third party.

Promotional material

The following are permitted: business cards, look-books, catalogues, visuals, portfolios and press kits.

Promotional signage is not permitted inside the venue during the souk @ sat event (e.g. posters, banners etc).

Fees & Payments

Registration fees

$ 150.00 for each selected designer.

Registration fee payment methods

Before Monday, October 5th, 2018 at noon.

By cheque only made out to “Société des arts technologiques”.

By mail: SAT, C.P. 1083 Succursale Desjardins, Montréal Québec, H5B 1C2.

Envelope must be addressed to souk @ sat

Indicate that it is for the souk @ sat registration fee

Central cash

The souk @ sat organisers will solely administer a central cash for all transactions of the designers sales throughout the event.

A designer can not conduct a transaction directly with a consumer in the venue at the event.

Access to credit and debit card processing terminals

Debit and credit card processing services are available at the central cash of souk @ sat.

The service fees are ¢ 25 per debit, 3.5% for Visa or MasterCard transactions of the total sales amount.

Designers’ contributions

15% of the sales will be automatically deducted from the designer total sales amount, as well as service fees for debit and credit card transactions.

The deducted fees will be applied to cover organizational expenses.

Sales and pricing

Designers set all prices for their articles themselves, taking into account that 15% of their total revenue will go to souk @ sat for expenses, and that they must assume transaction fees for Visa, MasterCard and debit payments.

Prices must include all taxes, where applicable.

Suggested prices: within reach of any budget, or for a wide range of budgets.

Payment method (for sales)

Cheques can be collected in person at the SAT on Tuesday, December 18th 2018 (from 1 PM to 5 PM).

All cheques that have not been picked up by Tuesday, December 18th 2018 at 5 p.m. at the latest, will be sent by mail the next day without exception.

Please ensure that you have submitted the exact name of the payee (for cheques), as well as your complete postal address, your telephone number, and your email address.


Promotional tools

The souk @ sat promotes the event in it’s network with contents specially created for it’s occasion starting October 15th 2018.

The souk @ sat provides selected designers with the promotional content in view of allowing them to pursue their own promotional efforts in their respective networks.


Presence on the souk @ sat website + social media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.]

Presence on the SAT webpage

souk @ sat + SAT Newsletter: 35,000 subscribed members

Facebook 73,000 [souk @ sat + SAT]

A press release will be sent to journalists in the print and electronic media [newspapers, radios, TV, blogs, etc.]

Follow-up with journalists and the various medias

Medias relations

The souk @ sat generates media coverage via newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Web site

Guidelines and selection

Guidelines and criteria

The selection criteria are based on the excellence of the work in all its aspects: aesthetics, creativity, innovation and technical mastery.

Priority will be given to proposals from designers whose work demonstrates a personal style, a willingness to question their form of expression, and a desire to expand the limits of their practice.

Candidates must be recognized designers (established artists/designers, in mid-career, starting a career or students).

Candidates must supply a completed application form (see “proposal requirements” below).

Candidates must present original works.

Resale of products is prohibited.

Imported products are prohibited.

Candidatures by manufacturers, distributors and importers are not eligible.

Food and bath & body product designers

It’s essential for the designer to send a sample selection of their products in order to have their proposal evaluated by the jury.

Products must be sent:

Option 1 : before Wednesday September 11th before noon  Tuesday September 18th before noon
By mail: SAT, C.P. 1083 Succursale Desjardins, Montréal Québec, H5B 1C2.

Option 2 : before Wednesday September 11th before noon  Tuesday September 18th before noon
Drop-off in person at the following address: SAT 1201, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal.

Option 3 : If products are perishable, drop-off is only possible on Saturday September 22th between 9 AM and 11 AM at the following address:
SAT 1201, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal.

All packages must be addressed to “souk @ sat”.

Designers who have participated in previous souk @ sat editions

Participation in previous souk @ sat editions does not make one automatically eligible for future souk editions. A proposal dossier must be submitted for each edition, because the selection committee is renewed every year. It is essential to submit a selection of new creations.

souk @ sat is emphatic about supporting designers who innovate and continue to expand the limits of their field. souk @ sat seeks to highlight creativity by presenting productions that continually expand the limits of various disciplinary fields in innovative ways.

Proposal selection

A selection committee of professionals chosen for their specialized expertise will evaluate the proposals in consideration of the maximum per category quota.

Proposal requirements

Required information: name, surname / address(es) / company name / telephone / cell / fax / e-mail / website

CV (description of current and past professional experiences related to your creative practice, whether it be in the arts and crafts trades, visual arts, fashion, contemporary design, etc.).

A minimum of 5 visual documents representing the designer’s work (drawings, sketches, digital or printed photographs, pamphlets, videos, catalogs, look-books, links to websites, articles in newspapers or magazines, or any other pertinent documents that clearly depict the proposed works and the price of each item).

A brief description list of each of the proposed works to be put on sale at souk @ sat, including details about the materials used, format, and year of production and the suggested sales price.

Wednesday, September 11, 2018 at noon. 
Tuesday September 18 2018 at noon

No proposal will be considered after the deadline date.

Replies will be sent exclusively by email maximum by Wednesday, October 3rd at noon, 15 days after the proposal deadline.

How to submit your proposal

Via our website:

Only proposal submitted via the souk site will be accepted.

souk @ sat does not accept proposal dossiers sent through the mail, by email or delivered in person.

souk @ sat open house

souk @ sat is giving designers the opportunity to present their dossiers to the jury so that they may support their proposal. The dossiers must be sent via the website prior to the artists arrival at the open house event where they may present their products in person.

Option 1: submit / drop-off dossiers.

Option 2: present the dossiers to the jury (maximum presentation 5 min. per applicant).

Saturday September 18th 2018, from 9 AM to 11 AM 
Saturday September 22th 2018, from 9 AM to 11 AM
at 1201 Blvd. Saint-Laurent, Montreal.

Each application shall be considered on a first come first served basis and without undue preference based on the electronic application date.

Selected designers

Both the selected and not-selected candidates will be contacted, via e-mail before Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at noon.

All decisions are final and without appeal.